One of our most senior Care for Children International leaders in India, Munna, oversaw the completion and deployment of a freshly dug well which is intended to provide access to clean water to generations of rural villagers who currently have NO ACCESS to clean water!

Please feel free to enjoy the video directly below, or the newest group of photos (below the video) that Munna sent for us to be able to witness with our own eyes the incredible progress that is being made by CFC in building new wells and providing access to clean water for hundreds or even thousands of people in large areas of India, and other parts of the world.



Here are some pictures that show different parts of the process. Thank you everyone who has been donating! Your contributions are literally changing lives for hundreds, even thousands of people around the globe. If you are not currently a financial supporter, please consider making a donation by clicking here. The money being spent on the current projects in India, Africa, Brazil and The Azores is making such a tremendous impact on people’s lives that its hard to really fathom it.







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Thanks to your generous contributions and continued sponsorship, CFC volunteers work around the clock all around the world. Today, we are housing hundreds of orphans in India, feeding thousands in Africa, supporting poor children in the Azores and providing financial support and rehabilitation centers in Brazil. Visit our Mission Page to learn more about how your donations are being used to save children across the globe.
Statistics About Guinea-Bissau

Statistics About Guinea-Bissau

Current Funding Campaigns
With tough economic times plaguing our Global Community, this is a crucial time to help those who cannot help themselves. To embrace one of our Causes as an organization or group, please complete our Contact Form and one of our Directors will contact you. View our Current Funding Campaigns to see what Needs we are working on meeting.
Statistics About Brazil

Statistics About Brazil

In 2006, UNICEF estimated that 9,100,000 children in Brazil are living in poverty Up to 8 million children live and/or work on the streets. About 42% of Brazilian children live in poverty. Approximately 1/8 of all Brazilian children live on the streets. In 2010, there were 473,600 people incarcerated in Brazilian prisons and jails. Drugs are responsible for 85,000 of the total tally.