“Did you know that this West African country is one of the poorest on the continent, with over two thirds of its population living in poverty ?”

Care For Children continues to work to bring down this ratio, we are dedicated to providing as much support as possible to the children, families and single mothers of Guinea Bissau.

We would like to thank our sponsors for giving us the opportunity to help the people of Guinea Bissau, because of you we were able to deliver massive care packages.

The care packages arrive to designated CFC distribution centers, complete with things that this community so desperately needs; clean new clothing and footwear,  personal care items and even special presents for the children.


Needy children and families are excited to receive new clothing , food, school supplies and more from Care For Children International.


We have just provided funding for renovations to our Three Day Rehabilitation Center in Brazil. The enhancements provide a cleaner and safer environment for the guests we treat . Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

Did You Know?

“In 2010, there were 473,600 people incarcerated in Brazilian prisons and jails. Drugs are responsible for 85,000 of the total tally.”


A volunteer at our orphanage In Hyderabad, India shares laughs with the children she cares for as she hands out the new clothing that was sent along with our recent care package.

Did You Know ?

“India contains the largest concentration of people living below the international poverty line. According to the World Bank, in 2010 81.1% of  people were living on less than $2.50 per day.”



The pictures tell it all, a hugely successful soup kitchen event was set up at an abandoned restaurant in Rabo de Peixe, Azores where nurturing meals were served by Care For Children International Volunteers to hundreds of needy children and their families on the Azores Islands.


Care For Children International Inc funded a celebration with food, music, dancing, clowns and decorations for the children and parents who have been helped  by our Three Day Rehabilitation Center.


In addition to regular donations of food, clothing and other essentials, CFC made this celebration extra special for the children attending with a special gift wrapped just for them.



A new computer was sent to India today! Thanks to your contributions, these children will have the opportunity to learn how to use a computer and connect with the world around them.

With your generous contributions we were also able to send over new shoes, clothing, school supplies and food for these children who so desperately need your support.

Thank you for your donations.



Thanks to your generous contributions, CFC volunteers located on the Azorean Island of Sao Miguel sort and distribute truck loads of much needed supplies for needy children and families in their community.

Nearly 20 Tons of food, clothing, hygiene products and school supplies were handed out on one of the poorest Islands in the Azores.

The community sends its gratitude to their CFC sponsors in the United States.

A group of children, smiling from ear to ear exclaim “Obrigado por tudo o CFC! Estamos tão felizes!”  which means “Thank you for everything CFC! We are so happy!”



Recovering addicts gather with their families and CFC support volunteers at a Barbeque funded by your donations. Celebrations of their success have a great impact on recovering addicts, helping them to remember that everyone is proud of their accomplishments.


When Care For Children International Inc received a funding request from this one-room schoolhouse in Guinea-Bissau, we immediately began working on raising funds to help them keep their doors open.

Thanks to the generous contributions from our sponsors, the children here are gathered for their first lesson of the day, complete with new school supplies and even a free meal for lunchtime.

As you can see, these children are living in extremely poor conditions, any contribution that you can afford will be greatly  appreciated.

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