The level of poverty in Brazil is overwhelming in its underdeveloped remote and metropolitan regions; 据估计, 9,100,000 children are living in poverty according to the UNICEF child welfare statistics published in 2006.

In fact, Brazil’s largest struggle stems from the vast number of orphaned children living on the streets, deprived of proper nutrition, health care, education and safe housing which comes with dire consequence. Drug use is commonplace, crime rates are unimaginable and many of Brazil’s youth turn to prostitution as a means of survival.

We began our missions in Brazil when we established the 3rd Community Rehabilitation Center, in Contagem, MG. We have seen great success with this program, however the need for rehabilitation is unfounded and expansion is critical.

In addition to our rehabilitation center, we also frequently distribute food, clothing and other essentials to the needy children and underprivileged families living in communities throughout Brazil.

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在 2006, 联合国儿童基金会估计, 9,100,000 在巴西的儿童生活在贫困中 8 万儿童生活和/或工作的街道上. 关于 42% 巴西儿童生活在贫困中. 约 1/8 所有的巴西儿童流落街头. 在 2010, 有 473,600 巴西监狱和监狱中被关押的人. 毒品是负责 85,000 总的帐簿.    
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对于低 .84 美分, 你可以确保一个孩子生活在贫困中,有食物, 庇护, 服装, 教育和医疗. 只是 $25 一个月可以提供资助的孩子充满新的希望.