The pictures tell it all, a hugely successful soup kitchen event was set up at an abandoned restaurant in Rabo de Peixe, Azores where nurturing meals were served by Care For Children International Volunteers to hundreds of needy children and their families on the Azores Islands.


Thanks to your generous contributions, CFC volunteers located on the Azorean Island of Sao Miguel sort and distribute truck loads of much needed supplies for needy children and families in their community.

Nearly 20 Tons of food, tøj, hygiene products and school supplies were handed out on one of the poorest Islands in the Azores.

The community sends its gratitude to their CFC sponsors in the United States.

A group of children, smiling from ear to ear exclaimObrigado por tudo o CFC! Estamos tão felizes!” which meansThank you for everything CFC! We are so happy!”


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